Parish Cemetery

CEMETERY NOTES:  Our parish cemetery is located in the 300 block of North Fifth Street in Hamburg (near the Hamburg Armory). VOLUNTEERS provide a great service to the parish with their care of our cemetery with summer mowing and spring cleaning. For further information on cemetery plots, contact John Driscoll at the Burkey and Driscoll Funeral Home.

GRAVE DECORATIONS:  Glass items (votive candles, globes, etc.) are not permitted in the cemetery. These items pose a potential hazard to the cemetery caretakers. Such items will be removed, if necessary. Additionally, flowerbeds outlined with paving stones or bricks inhibit the path for the mowers. These, too, are prohibited.

GRAVESIDE SHRUBS AND TREES are a challenge to cemetery maintenance and procedures as perennial plants mature. When these items become an issue, they will be removed. Please limit plant selections to annuals.